A Daily Practice of Thanks with #30DaysofGratitude

Posted by admin on 12/3/13 in Community

As we enter the holiday season, may every day be a Thanksgiving! Join us each day for #30daysofGratitude, our community challenge to give thanks on a daily basis.

Take a moment to share what you're grateful for - comment on our blog below, Facebook page (plus photo if you like), tell us via tweet, or share a photo on Instagram. Be sure to include the hashtag #30daysofGratitude plus a few words that describe the person/place/thing of your gratefulness. Each week, we'll compile a list of words to create a cloud of submissions, and at the close of 30 days (January 2) we'll create a beautiful collage, created by the gratitude of our community! Above is a look at what we at #WLHQ were grateful for last week.




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