Countdown to WLCO: 7 Ways & 7 Days to Find Your True North

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We know that our Wanderlust Colorado yogis are counting the sleeps until they awake in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, so we wanted to provide you with some inspiration as you prepare for your journey to Wanderlust Vermont.  We've tapped 7 of our Wanderlust family to provide you with a countdown of 7 Ways & 7 Days to "Find Your True North" at the festival.  We will post their daily inspiration right here on this Wanderlust Journal blog page so that you can find all their insights in one place.


You're almost here! With just one sleep left until #WLCO kicks off, we love that our last inspirational message to you comes straight from the heart of Colorado's natural splendour. Check out the lovely Ashley Turner, streamside in CO, giving her two cents on how to prepare to find your #truenorth for your experience at Wanderlust:

Ashley will (of course) be teaching yoga classes here at Wanderlust ~ like this AAA class she's co-teaching with Aaron King, and this Teacher's Only class called The "Hero's Journey as a Yoga Teacher", but did you know she's also going to be leading a Speakeasy lecture entitled "Soma + Psyche: The Body as Gateway to Emotional + Psychological Resiliency"? She kicks off the Speakeasy lecture program tomorrow (Thurs) at 1pm, so make your way to the Edge theatre where we're hosting the Speakeasy by Naropa University for some psychological stimulation.


As our entire Wanderlust staff has now arrived in the Rockies, it feels natural to feature a home-grown personality: Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal, who knows a thing or two about the Rocky Mountain Way. Click the image below to hear his message to you:

Waylon will be on-site here at #WLCO sharing a Speakeasy on Sunday at 10am entitled "Buddhist Meditation for Business, Family & Bliss in Everyday Life: Social Activism Starts at Home", and since you might have missed your chance to have this nature-loving local take you on a guided hike (they are signed up full!), you can try for the wait list on either Friday at 4pm or Saturday at 10am. Want more Way in your life? Of course you do! Subscribe to his Elephant Journal newsletter here and keep up with EJ on Facebook here to get updates, and follow up these mindful tweeting posts right here: @elephantjournal@waylonlewis@walkthetalkshow@themindfulllife, & @elephantsexy


It seems somehow fitting that as staffers at WLHQ begin their journey to the gorgeous greenery and red rocks of Colorado that our #truenorth missive today comes from the most colorful Gioconda Parker, an Austin-based teacher who sends this video to you from the sunshiny hills of Wisconsin. When you see the jaw-dropping background in her video, you'll immediately understand why her assignment involves nature ~ and as the vistas of the Colorado Rockies begin to delight our eyes, we know you'll soon be feeling the awe we are feeling here at Copper Mountain. It's time to escape the urban jungle and reconnect to the earth at Wanderlust Colorado! Gioconda tells you how below:

This is Gioconda's first time at Wanderlust, and we are thrilled to share her teachings with you in classes like "Take Heart: A Warrior's Courage" (with music by East Forest) and she even leads a hike on Saturday at Noon called "Walk The Earth".



Today we bring you someone who is as connected to the mountains as she is her mountain pose: Heidi Wirtz. Known in the United States as "Heidi Almighty" for her boldness and technical climbing skills and her speed ascents in Yosemite Valley, Heidi is also known for her philanthropic work and her passion for yoga. She has the perfect Sunday tip for what to do to prepare to find your #truenorth at #WLCO.

Heidi is leading a very special Sunday adventure on July 7 that is almost full, so if by then you suspect you'll have had your fill of yoga, this is the class for you. Her Rock Climbing Workshop runs from 8am to 1pm on Sunday, and is taking place a short 20 min drive from Copper Mountain. All levels are encouraged to join, and the details on what to bring are right here. C'mon and get your hands into the rocks of the Rockies while you're with us in Colorado!


Today we have Shane and Megan from Quixotic delivering a message to you about finding your #truenorth at Wanderlust Colorado.

One of the most unique offerings at Wanderlust Colorado is the fact that the lithe ladies of Quixotic are conducting dance classes for all levels! Thurday at 10:30am Megan teaches 'Contemporary Movement & Improvisation', Friday at 2pm Lauren teaches 'Intro to Dance' and Sat at Noon Laura leads 'Contemporary Movement and Dance Technique'. Register for any of the three by visiting this link.



With just 6 days to go until Wanderlust Colorado, we thought that we would pick an apt lesson for a Friday, since at WLHQ, we feel weekends should be food-centric. One week today, we'll be setting the table for our Farm to Table Dinner at Copper Mountain's Grand Hall, which, presented in association with ONENaked Grape & Eating Well, will feature both a local Colorado and a uniquely African menu in the breathtaking Rockies. How does (very, very) busy celebrity chef, Hugh Acheson, find his #truenorth? Click the image below to find out.

Want to sample Hugh's skills in the kitchen? Of course you do! Luckily for you, we still have tickets for the one-night-only Farm to Table dinner available right here. Looking for a sneak peek at the #WLCO Farm to Table menu? You're in luck - hot off the presses, you can salivate over the offerings right here

If you want to get up close and personal with Hugh, you can catch him doing a book signing at the ONE booth on site, as well as acting as moderator on our Food Forum panel in the Speakeasy, presented by LYFE Ktichen Saturday morning at 10am along with Dr. Mark Hyman & Dr. Sara Gottfried. 



We're kicking off this "7 Ways & 7 Days to Find Your True North" countdown with Dr. Sara Gottfried, an M.D. and a yogini who offers a very cool tool to monitor and maintain your mindfulness.  This being 2013, you better believe: there's an app for that!

Check out her message to you above, then make sure to register for her Friday 10am Speakeasy talk at #WLCO (it's almost full!) by clicking here. You can also find her participating in the Saturday 10am Food Forum Speakeasy panel hosted by LYFE Kitchen, where she'll chat candidly alongide her friend, Dr. Mark Hyman and celebrity chef Hugh Acheson, as well as LYFE CEO Steve Sidwell & chef John Mitchell.


And if that's not enough of Dr. Sara's infectious enthusiasm, go deeper with her on today's Wanderlust Journal Guest Scribe release penned by Dr. Sara, where she reveals how she broke herself of her "badass" habits and used yoga to overcome the things that were holding her back. 


Stay tuned to this page as the week progresses for inspiration from an amazing cast of characters that will be helping you weave for Wanderlust experience in Colorado.  And be sure to comment daily below with your response to the mindful assignments above so that you are entered to win a bag of Wander-ful goodies upon your arrival at WLCO!

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