Countdown to WLCA: 7 Ways & 7 Days to Find Your True North

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We know that our #WLCA yogis are counting the sleeps until they awake in the High Sierras in northern CA, so we wanted to provide you all with some inspiration as you prepare for your journey to Wanderlust California.  We've tapped 7 of our Wanderlust family to provide you with a countdown of 7 Ways & 7 Days to "Find Your True North" at the festival.  We will post their daily inspiration right here on this Wanderlust Journal blog page so that you can find all their insights in one place.


Just one sleep!  It's like Christmas Eve for yogis, or the day before your 8th birthday party.  If you're as excited as we are to get this show on the road, then you'll want to grab a peek at the video below to inspire you to finish packing tonight! Today's message comes from Wanderlust HQ ~ our staff, who are busy scurrying around Squaw setting up the finishing touches for your arrival!  We have 5 ways to find your #truenorth right here, with a very large supporting role being played by the sunshine and incredible views here at Squaw.


We don't play favorites in yoga, right? But perhaps, it's at least fair to say that this video tickles us in a way we haven't experienced yet in thie series - and we think you'll feel the same way! Just take a peek at Anne Marie Kramer's darling video message to you with her advice on finding your #truenorth here at Wanderlust California. Click on her image below to watch:

We hope that you get a chance to practice with Anne Marie while you're here.  This busy Zuda Yoga studio owner and mama-of-crazy-adorable-River is teaching three classes here: one of them full (Zuda Rocks!), one of them almost full (Rasa Yin Zuda Style), and one you better get into before it gets full (Juicy Assisting)!


As the Wanderlust team begins to arrive in Squaw Valley for Wanderlust California, it sure does seem like home here! This marks our fifth year here in the beautiful Sierras, and as we breathe deeply and take in the expansive skies and sunshine, it is our hope that you, too, feel at home while you're here too.  We turned to the director of our Healing VillageNatasha Blank, for some inspiration on finding your #truenorth as you ready to join us at #WLCA. Click her image below to hear her advice:

Once you're done shaking that tailfeather, there's no better way to say "Ahhhh.." than visiting Natasha and her friends at the Healing Village.  Our healing & bodywork program at Wanderlust California is designed for supreme relaxation, with some sessions happening at the luxe Trilogy Spa at Squaw Valley, like the sumptuous Vichy Rain bath. Book some time with some of the nation's top healing hands for deep tissue massage, Chinese Medicine, Thai massage, or even a coaching session in Self-Massage with Balls. Go on, you deserve it!


Sunday is a day of rest and contemplation, so today makes the perfect day to share Jason Reitman's lovely suggestion of how our #WLCA attendees can find their #truenorth.  He shares one small thing you can do today that will put you in the right frame of mind to begin your journey to Wanderlust California. Check out Jason's suggestion right here:

Filmmaker Reitman has helmed a number of refreshingly frank and hilarious films ("Juno", "Up in the Air"), and we are honored to be screening one of his most thought-provoking films, "Thank You for Smoking" at #WLCA.  Not only will Jason be taking your questions after the film on Friday evening, but he'll be hosting a Speakeasy on Sunday at noon entitled "Find Your Voice, Tell Your Story". We are very excited to have this master story-teller on site with us in Squaw Valley to inspire you as you weave your own journey in the sunny Sierras. 


We have 5 sleeps until Wanderlust California, and we hope that this last weekend before you embark towards Squaw Valley is a restful and peaceful one as you contemplate the trip ahead! We have some delicious advice from the lovely Amy Ippoliti, who brings you one small but very meaningful thing that you should do to prepare for your adventure at #WLCA. Check out Amy's suggestion to help find your #truenorth right here:

Now, we know that a 1-minute video from Amy is not nearly enough of her, so we encourage you to seek her out on site at #WLCA and get into one of her classes.  True, many of this popular lady's classes are full, but we still have room in her Inversions class called "Upside Down You're Turning Me" on Thursday, a little bit of room in her Friday "Radiant Flow" class, and in Saturday morning's "90 minutes to Change the World" which features professional development tips for teachers and studio owners. If you are a teacher or studio owner, you'll also want to catch the Speakeasy panel she's a part of on "The Business of Yoga" on Sunday at 8am, alongside other studio owners, a rep from the Yoga Alliance, and our own Yoga Director, Chris Cuevas. 


One of the reasons you come to Wanderlust is to get beyond the urban jungle and to get into nature!   Who better than one of our outdoor adventure leaders to give you a pointer on one small way that you can appreciate the great outdoors - right in your own backyard - each day until you get to #WLCA? Check out Heather Hollander's advice to find your #truenorth right here:

If you're wondering why you should take Heather's word for it, well, we think that anyone who leads adventures called "Nature. Yoga. Play." at Wanderlust probably knows a thing or two about getting outside and having some capital F Fun! Connect with Heather's Bodacious Living Yoga on their Facebook page here, and then be sure to track her down at the festival to get your dose of asana in the great outdoors. 


We're kicking off this "7 Ways & 7 Days to Find Your True North" countdown with none other than Wanderlust Festival co-founder (and Kula Yoga studio owner AND mother of three) Schuyler Grant, who brings you one simple concrete tip to release tension in order to try to find your #truenorth each day before the festival.

Since it is our belief that the key word for anyone is "trying" to maintain balance - that the rewards are found only when we put the effort in to find that equilibrium - we are offering the chance to win a Wander-ful bag of goodies as a prize to people who respond each day to the daily challenge in the comments section of this Wanderlust Journal Blog page. So let us know what your experience was following Schuyler's advice - we think it is a marvellous thing to do each day as you prepare for the sunshine in the Sierras at #WLCA.

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