Class Review | Vinnie Marino's Rock & Roll Vinyasa Flow

Posted by Hannah Bechard on 7/30/11 in Uncategorized

Calm, poised, and confident in his practice, Vinnie Marino chose a beautiful playlist of 70s rock and roll tunes. I was lucky enough to get a spot in the back of the class, and rolled out my mat with a smile. I immediately understood the draw to Vinnie's class the moment he began to teach. Like the Stones, Vinnie was cool, calm and collected, and completely confident that he need not direct our every movement. In fact, he simply prompt us: letting us know we would follow the sequence he set us up for and to let the rolling stones roll over you.

File 9941Poses were held to optimum breath, but the belief behind Vinnie's voice, and some of the most revolutionary voices of the 70s, ensured that we are stronger than our egos, and the obstacles we sometimes let hold us down.

Laughter and childlike innocence was included too! A small tangent in the class was about the orbital structures in the Gaiam Tent. To Vinnie, they reminded him of where, our friends, The Teletubbies lived. He called them, "very sweet people" who were joyful and buoyant in life. In a way, this connected with the universal message Vinnie wanted us to understand: our mind is so busy in day to day life, but in our poses, we are focused. Observe this and notice how our minds need not to be busy, but observant. Hope you all are continuing to soak in the sunshine and good vibes!

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