Class Review | Spice Up Your Yoga with Kathryn Budig

Posted by Tali Koziol on 8/2/11 in Uncategorized

On my last day of Wanderlust I wasn't sure my body was ready for another class and volunteer shift. However when I had the opportunity to check out Kathryn Budig's “Spice Up Your Yoga” I figured, best to keep moving than to spend the morning sitting still. I took Budig's “Keep Calm and Bakasana On” workshop on Thursday so I was curious to see what another more traditional class might be like.

When we got in the room Budig assessed the group and could tell we were all tired after three days of yoga. Not sure if she took it easy on us or not, definitely didn't feel that way, but it was a lot of fun. One of my favorite aspects of yoga both teaching and practicing is the laughter it can bring. In my opinion, you have to be able to laugh and have fun. Kathryn Budig seems to share the same philosophy.

We started with a bit of core work, I am used to core work being either later in the sequence or worked in throughout but I think it was a great choice with this group. The look of dismay on the faces around the room when she announced the core work proved that later in the sequence the energy may not be high enough.

We worked our way through a bunch of mini Vinyasa sequences including my new favorite, “Surya Namaskar A on Crack”. This fast paced version of the traditional Sun Salutation got my heart racing. Cardio may not be my reason for practicing yoga but it can be a great added benefit and I really needed the jump start that morning. I look forward to bringing this back to my classes.

The 90 minutes class was a great choice for the morning. It still had a bit of a Workshop feel to it, rather than what I would expect from a studio class, but I think that's part of being at a Festival. It's a chance break up the routine, get a little crazy and practice with people you've never practiced with. So glad I made it to this class on my last day.

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