Class Review | Keep Calm and Bakasana On!

Posted by Hannah Bechard on 7/29/11 in Uncategorized

Patiently waiting outside of Zuda Down, I was hopeful for a spot in this class as a volunteer here at Wanderlust. Reasons behind my interest in this class were not only because I have just started to grasp crow pose in my practice, but I was also drawn to Kathryn's incredible athleticism and grace, and well, I wanted to see her do her thang with my own eyes!

As a proud winner of the "Whitty Quips Award" in seventh grade, I immediately drew to Kathryn's quick jokes, and clever cues. For example her way of explaining the roundness in your spine needs to reach was best described by sprouting each of our "Pegasus Wings". I love mermaids, wizards, and hobbits, so I clung to the Pegasus wings, and reached a fulfilled crow. The class was designed more as a workshop: questions and answers invited to this party. Her positive and "you can do it" attitude was concisely delivered with not a lot of fluff, just pure peanut butter: to the point, no questions our ability to do "it".

Kathryn's knowledge of the anatomy of the body was clearly executed through her direction without sounding like a college text book. Smiling was continually encourage in this sometimes frustrating learning curve of crow pose, head stands, transitioning back to chaturanga, you name it: but smiles were gleaming!

In the mist of the 2 hour class, I witnessed an "Andrew" getting into his first crow pose, and my neighbor shooting her legs out into chaturanga from crow. Progress: progress in the most purest definition of the word was accomplished by every individual.

I hope everyone is enjoying their time here thus far at Wanderlust California. The energy is great, the connections and communication is priceless. I will continue to smile and lead with my heart honest and open. At this elevation, I feel our hearts can really beam. Namasté and cheers!

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