Class review | Establishing a Strong Foundation w/Seane Corn

Posted by Hannah Bechard on 7/31/11 in Uncategorized

Lining up outside the Gaiam Tent, the energy was buzzing and elated. Never having taken class with Seane, I was looking forward to this class the most. Seane draws a crowd, and draws it in fast.

The mane of a goddess entered the tent first, followed by goddess herself. Her pure being was Immediately revealed the moment she asked the class to bring it in, come closer, and open everything. She spent time explaining her practice, what she identifies with in life, and what the class would be centered upon. Now, I've been taking notes in many of my classes, from the minute she started to speak, I knew there was no keeping up and my notes would do no justice.

When Seane speaks, it is the song of a messenger. She even called herself a 'bridge' for others. A platform to catapult the student onward in their practice, letting the student spread in all avenues, all teachings. With this in mind, she repeated what we have all heard: we are our own teacher. We have the power to do anything: no restraints, no fear. Hesitation of self is the biggest detriment in life.

The class was structured slower, pausing to really ground in each posture and feel each movement. From the ground up, the class became rooted and fearless. The energy was bona fide: tride and true. Reliable, and healthy energy that always exists within us, and has no reason to be suppressed.

I could write on and on trying to capture the experience, but essentially, my words are just words. I encourage you to experience Seane's class for yourself. Let your heart, mind, and soul be nourished by the Corne.

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