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Posted by Tali Koziol on 7/30/11 in Uncategorized

"Identity is never static. Always in the making, never made". I have loved that quote ever since I heard it in a documentary, "The Story of India". It's always been relevant to me. As I continue to evolve my identity I have crafted a to-list and Wanderlust has been in the top five. After becoming a yoga teacher and a partner in a yoga space, the festival worked it's way to the top of my list. What better way to keep fresh and learn more than ti emerge yourself in four days of yoga, right?

So I signed up for Schuyler Grant's "From Adequate to Awesome" to find out if there were any new techniques and pieces to add to my teacher's tool belt. This was my first opportunity to take a "Teacher's Only" class and I think the most amazing part was the vibe in the space. When you have a group of people dedicated to their craft and eager to learn the room just vibrates in a different way. It was great to chit chat with other instructors and to be with people that share your passion (granted that is true of most participants here).

Schuyler worked with us in a lecture/asana format. During the lecture she shared with us her thoughts and ideas on what makes a good instructor and where instructors may get a little stagnate. It was nice to recognize that my Iyengar background is a great tool for my Vinyasa teaching. Schuyler also opened my mind to the idea of learning more about Ashtanga to better understand the root of Vinyasa.

We then learned eight basic guidelines for becoming an excellent, memorable instructor. Happily, none of these were new or foreign concepts to me, my teacher at home works from a similar mindset. Though while not "new" it was great to hear the concepts explained in Schuyler's unique voice. I feel very empowered about winding these guidelines deeper into my practice both as a student and teacher.

We were then led through a brief but effect Vinyasa flow, working our way to a peak asana. The cueing was different than what I am used to and we used asanas that I don't normally incorporate or experience back in my hometown of Denver. So the beauty is that Schuyler brought to life many of the guidelines in the lecture, inclusive of always keep learning and go outside your comfort zone.

That has definitely been the culmination of my experience so far. I have practiced with quite a few teachers in the last few days and none of them are the same. not the same as each other and probably not the same as they were six years ago or even six months ago. The only way we keep bringing value to our practice and the practice of our students is by the continuous development and evolution of our personal voice. As the Saturday sessions wrap-up I a re-energized to get out there one more day and to keep learning, keep evolving.

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