Claire Thompson & Darin McFadyen: The Yoga of Bass - Music, Yoga & The Search for Freedom

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"Whether it’s an electronic music concert or a rock concert, when you’re sharing a space with a big group and everyone’s moving to the same beat, throwing their hands up at the same time, there is a sense of unity and connectedness.  Your happiness and the happiness of those around you is as one – you drown out that little inner voice, the small self, the ego, and access a higher self," describes Claire Thompson in this interesting Speakeasy lecture, "The Yoga of Bass - Music, Yoga & The Search for Freedom.”

If you’ve ever been to a large, interactive concert, you know the feeling of losing your sense of individual self, becoming part of a collective energy force.  In this talk, Claire Thompson and Darin McFadyen, AKA DJ FreQ Nasty, explain why that collective bliss represents something far more significant than just one night of fun.  It's that letting go of ourselves that Buddhist, yogic, medititational and other spiritual texts have described for centuries.

“Looking into the texts of yoga and Buddhism, I started to realize that the states that people were getting into on the dance floor I saw every week mirrored these advanced states of the yogic path that I was reading about and studying about,” explains Darin (DJ, music producer, dancer, and yogi).  Darin goes into detail connecting classic and current yogic texts with the ecstasy and collectiveness achieved in electronic and live music experiences.

Claire confirms: “The feeling in your body when you’re in front of a big festival sound system…the loudness, the persistence of the beat, it can drown out a voice in your head. Buddhism and yoga are about losing that little self, that little ego, that how are you, how do I look, how do I feel – and that just gets obliterated in a music concert.”

1678 ~ Darin McFadyen is music producer and international touring DJ FreQ Nasty. He has remixed and/or collaborated with artists as diverse as Kelis, Santigold, Fatboy Slim, KRS One, avant classical composer Steve Reich and reggae legend Jnr Delgado. He has been practicing Yoga for 13 years.  For upcoming performance info, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Claire Thompson has been practicing yoga for 7 years and massage therapy for 12 years. She travels as a yoga, dharma, and meditation teacher.

1679 Both Darin and Claire have completed the 36-course Asian Classics Institute curriculum in Buddhist Studies and the Yoga Studies Institute 200 Hour Yoga Philosophy Training.  Check out their website here.


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