Chris Sacca: How to Encourage Creativity & Innovation

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In the past two decades, information has gone through an incredible shift in accessibility and online presence through search engines such as Google, blogs and individualized representations such as Twitter and Instagram.  In this relevant and timely Speakeasy, technology investor Chris Sacca talks about the direction in which social technology is headed, the new ways companies are working to create community, and the access that these new technologies create for everyone. 

In this Speakeasy from Wanderlust Squaw Valley 2012, Sacca explains how startup companies continue to tap into the fact that an open office environment stimulates creativity, allowing for a work environment that fosters each employee's natural potential and innate uniqueness.  There is a danger in trying to stifle this personal innovation in the workplace, Sacca suggests.

“The reality is, it's always there; inherent in any group is innovation and creativity.  What we’ve done in the modern American workplace is get in the way of it, we’ve built the roadblock.  We’ve built hierarchies, we’ve constrained information so you don’t have everything you need to be effective.  In each of these companies (Google, Twitter, Instagram), we do everything we can to get out of way of natural innovation that’s going to take place."

2320 The intrinsic motivation we know to be true is evidence for need for workplace reform. This shift is necessary to motivate employees to engage their own unique offering. Sacca reminds us, “When you move from the assumption that way too often people are lazy and entitled, to the other end of spectrum that people want to kick ass, want to succeed, want to have impact, want to come here and contribute, want their contribution to big picture acknowledged, want to feel like they are a stakeholder and have worth: you can remove so much of the management, and people rise to the expectation you place for them there. There isn’t any secret formula there, you just need to get out of the way.” 

For the full conversation on internet and the workplace, the generational gap of how kids use the internet, and the future of online technologies, watch the full conversation here.

Chris Sacca is a distinguished venture investor, private equity principal, entrepreneur, company advisor and public speaker. While working with a multitude of startup companies, Sacca is also well known for his representative investments with companies such as Twitter, and his own holding company Lowercase Capital. Sacca also dedicates much of his time to helping charity:water and Lance Armstrong's LIVESTRONG Foundation. To learn more, follow his very active Twitter account, or check out his blog.  

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