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Posted by Sam Pogue on 5/26/10 in Uncategorized

Change happens faster than I realized and I've barely been able to catch my breath after recent [all good] events. What this sudden change has allowed, however, is insight into The Curateur's readers' lives. The realization is this: you have to really WANT to be your best self, in order to set your alarm for 6:00AM instead of 8:00AM just for a daily yoga practice or run around your neighborhood, before heading to work. Realizing this, I've recognized that I may have been bordering on flippant with previous promotion of a mind-body-spirit practice thinking, as many people do, "Just do it. Make the time." And yet, when time away from work is so precious that it's a question of yoga/therapeutic activity, or spending time with friends & family, sleeping, eating and mindless time on the couch watching's not always an easy intention to follow through with. And this coming from someone who KNOWS how beneficial a regular yoga practice is to a person's peak performance!

So here's what I will say before moving onto my other "love affairs": I went a week without doing yoga or any physical activity because of change...and I had more headaches, less energy, more neck and lower back pain than I've had in awhile. Inevitably, I asked myself the same question I posed above about whether I want to be my best self, and that drove my butt outta bed at 6:30AM for 3-consecutive mornings and onto my yoga mat for a 45 minute practice. And wouldn't you know it, the pain and tension we really do preach what we need to learn.

My advice for this lovely Monday morning: Consider how you feel midweek, and if you're not at your peak performance; try setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier and do some gentle hatha yoga. If, after a few days of doing this you don't notice any difference, you can go happily back to setting your alarm 35 minutes before you have to be at work.

A few recent love affairs that I want to share:

Local Natives (A sweet share from The Curateur's community c/o Broken Tambourine) - The live show is phenomenally soulful and almost sensual...these are a few of the songs that I chair dance to when I'm "working". (Not the best performances, but audio quality is good and you're just going to have to trust me on the live show.) Talking Heads cover "Warning Sign" & "Airplanes"

The power of the internet - I wrote this post almost 2 years ago, and people are still commenting on it! (Mostly to tell me I'm wrong, but hey--dialogue is dialogue.)

The graceful strength of a woman - Last weekend I was walking behind a woman in a wheelchair as she was making her way up a street with an impressive incline. Not only didn't she have either of her legs and was stunningly beautiful, but she declined my offer to help push her to the crest with a smile and a polite "No thank you, I'll make it myself." Needless to say, I thought of her when I started to whine to myself about waking up at 6:30AM this week.

So here comes the mantra..."You have more strength than you give yourself credit for. Tap into it and work towards being the best version of yourself, whatever that means for you."

Just breathe,


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