Building the Expanding Light Meditation Dome

Posted by Corey Jones on 7/28/11 in Uncategorized

Tuesday morning at 7:00 am I start the drive to Squaw Valley for my volunteer shift as a meditation dome builder. Bleary eyed with coffee in hand I am thrust into the thick of the I-80 construction. It is ugly. I may have flipped someone off...on my way to the yoga festival...oops. Two hours later, I finally arrive at the village. The mountains still have snow on the crests and the trees smell amazing to this desert girl. I am so excited to be a part of Wanderlust for the third year! I meet Patrick and Sharif who are heading up the dome build and they put us to work. Personally, I hadn't realized how big a 60 foot dome is. Huge. Luckily, Patrick knows what he is doing. Eight volunteers and eight hours later, we have a dome! I love being a part of making this community of yogis and music lovers come alive. Now I am here, right here, in the meditation dome I helped build.

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