Banning the Water Bottle?

Posted by admin on 1/17/13 in Eco

Many of us make it a personal goal to take care of our planet andminimize our waste production. One of the most obvious ways we can cut back on waste is by trying to eliminate the use of disposable plastic water bottles. Within the past weeks, this effort to reduce its use has become an even greater movement as plastic bottles were banned from the town of Concord, MA, and from the campus of the University of Vermont in Burlington.

Concord's ban, which went into effect with the new year, includes a first time warning and a second-offense fine of $25.  The effortserves to encourage the ownership of reusable bottles and the use of tap water.  "The bottled water companies are draining our aquifers and selling it back to us," says Jean Hill, leader of the Concord campaign was cited as saying in a story from

Students at UVM share much of the same sentiment.  Mikayla McDonald, a recent UVM grad who helped launch the ban told NPR for their story on the issue, "Bottled water is a symbol of our culture's obsession with commodifying things that should be public trust resources."

Bottled water, a free resource, creates $61 billion of revenue annually.  A single plastic water bottle takes over 700 years to decompose and their production  creates 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas.

But should it be left to the consumer to make the choice to avoid this plastic, rather than the government to making using it a punishable offense?  Do you feel that this ban is a step forward in this movement, or is the regulation and restriction of water bottles an impingement on our personal freedom?


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