Ashley Turner: Where Yoga Meets Modern Psychology

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For many yogis, yoga is more than a physical exercise: it's a tool we can use to examine our inner selves.  It is a way of clearing the mind, a way to confront emotions, a way to observe how thoughts and emotions come up and go away.  Yoga can serve as a peaceful practice in times or trouble or turbulence, revealing how we cope with the challenges in our lives.

In this Speakeasy, "Living Truth: Where Yoga Meets Modern Psychology," Ashley Turner explores the psychological effects of yoga, and how the psychology and yoga converge.

2084 "I believe firmly in doing the deeper emotional work in yoga and not just the physical practice. Shiva consciousness is the soul, the essence that embodies the feminine body. Yoga connects them," Ashley says about the mind/body connection.

"In yoga, we hear a lot of negative talk about the ego, getting rid of the ego, slaying the ego, but from a psychological perspective, we really we want a healthy sense of ego, a strong sense of self. A yoga practice does help us find this," explains Ashley about developing a healthy relationship with our egos through practicing yoga.

2088 "If yoga is exploring a larger consciousness, what do we do with our primal instincts? How do we deal with the heart-wrenching experiences that we go through? We're beginning to want to understand how to create lasting change in our personality structure. It takes a lot of work and it's a slow process to change habits. It's an evolution."

1612 ~ Recently named the #2 Online Influencer for Stress Relief, Ashley Turner, MA, MFT registered intern is an innovator in self-development: combining yoga, modern psychology, and spirituality. A yoga instructor, mind-body psychotherapist, author and Ordained Priestess, she is the creator of several best-selling yoga DVDs, co-author of Aroma Yoga and co-founder of the popular digital program LIVE YOUR TRUTH. LOVE YOUR LIFE. Known for her charisma, candor, and accessibility, Ashley offers free weekly training videos and you can find her classes online at YogaVibes. Ashley will be leading a retreat to Galapagos Islands in July 2013 and works with clients worldwide via SKYPE. Ashley is a member of Young Living Essential Oils, so if you'd like to sign up using her as a sponsor or want more info on oils, click here.


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