An amazing way to "Give Love" Away

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MC Yogi's "Give Love" is a song we hear around the Wanderlust office a lot, but when we heard the opening bars of the song in this fan-created video from Queen Street Yoga, we were totally unprepared for the sheer enthusiasm and imagination that would unfold in the ensuing three and a half minutes of this version. It starts innocently enough, but you won't be able to take your eyes off this one-take wonder, just check it out:

We immediately shared it with our friend and frequent collaborator, MC Yogi himself, who said:

"I was blown away when I saw this, it made my day! All in one shot too! What an amazing way to give Love.

An unbroken endless thread of love weaving it all together. Brilliant!!!

Great Job Queen Street Yoga, you rock.

Peace, MC Yogi"

1431 When we reached out to Queen Street Yoga for the backstory on the inspiration and process behind this labor of love (literally), Aimee Morrison said, "I've been studying with QSY director Leena Miller for more than four years. In my daily life I'm an English Professor specializing in social media, a music fan, and a yogini, so the combination of those three things really appealed to me! My six year old daughter and I often have after supper dance parties, and she like MC Yogi. 'Give Love' is such a catchy song - but it's a really simple song, too, and its lyrics are universal. Seemed to really capture something that everyone could get behind. In a lip dub! I suggested the idea to Leena and to studio manager Emma Dines, and Emma and I went from there, working with a trade (Jill Kolb) and one of my graduate student (Alexandra Balint) to pull everything together.


Emma did a load of work making spreadsheets of who / what / where / and when, and doing recruitment in the studio and through Facebook. Jill did a lot of work meeting with section leaders and featured participants to help everyone understand what to do on the day of the shoot. I picked the song and developed the concept initially, and did the videography. The three of us did the rough blocking out of the camera's path and the various activities and groups to feature, and Emma did much of the "choreography" - although participants also had some ideas we incorporated on the day of the shoot. My graduate student Alex helped on shoot day, to manage attendance sheets and video waivers and props and general production assistance. The full 60-member cast was together for only 2 hours, but in that time we finalized choreography, rehearsed, shot two dress rehearsals, and three full takes." If this video is any indication, it's probably a pretty fun time at Kitchener-Waterloo-based Queen Street Yoga.  Learn more about their programming right here

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