All One Kitchen - Organic Fair Trade

Posted by Hannah Bechard on 7/30/11 in Uncategorized

As a fat kid at heart, a food review is completely necessary here at Wanderlust. Personally, my diet includes a very wide spectrum of goodies: from lobster rolls (yes, I'm a 'maineiac') to a fresh salad harvested out of my garden, I'm open to try anything. But it is very clear I am not alone her at Wanderlust. The connections I've made with the majority of the community is open: wholeheartedly, ready to fill their seriously happy's quite the healthy crowd.

I don't think I would have ever expected to be flocking to the vegan food trailer, but the aroma of the organic, pure food was irresistible. All One Kitchen is a food vendor backed up by Dr. Bronner himself. And no, I was not eating his bars of soap, but a delicious "Bomb Lasagna". After my first bite, I told Truth, the face behind the window, that is was most definitely: 'bombtastic'. The lasagna was composed of grilled eggplant, mushrooms, zucchinis, fresh spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, walnuts for an awesome crunch, with the freshest of the fresh salad, to adorn the plate. I looked at the masterpiece, and then proceeded to wolf it down. For $12, I felt like I was robbing these folks.

Behind the stove is Liz Blake, and Chef Gage. The two are not complete without their down to earth friendly staff. I asked if they took debit cards, and they said no, but offered quite the trusting compromise. These folks are not afraid of the acronym I.O.U. In fact, they firmly believe in the honesty and trust within each, and every one of us. And, well, they make some pretty mean dishes. Beautiful stuff! These guys are located to the left of Anusara Pavilion, you will enjoy!!

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