Acquiring a Taste for Your Life | Via Sitaram Das

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Do you remember the first time you had a glass of wine, how awful it was? Do you remember the dawning of awareness, as you realized the depth, the complexity, the beauty? Have you ever listened, as a vintner discussed what goes into every bottle, the effects of the soil and the atmosphere and the wood of the casks? Or as a connesiour encourages you to absorb every last bit of flavor? Have you seen their faces light up as they describe what they love about wine?

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About The Author: Sitaram Das
Daniel Shankin (Sitaram Das) teaches classes, workshops and teacher trainings in ayurvedic and yin yogas, and offers transformational Vedic Thai Bodywork. Sometimes he teaches meditaion, and he thinks that's pretty fun, too. It has been his experience that his students are the cutting edge of consciousness, and is honored to guide and encourage, to travel the path with them. He mostly teaches in Philadelphia, but if you can cook, he'll probably travel. Daniel can be contacted through his website

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