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Here is what yoga can do for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health:

Yoga Benefit #1. Flexibility: Remember your toes? Isn't it time you regained the ability touch them again? Not only does yoga feel good, it's practical. Going through life with painful stiffness in the muscles causes a host of problems. It is never too late to regain youthfulness and vitality by stretching and opening your body with yoga!

Yoga Benefit #2. Strength:Yoga finds were you are the weakest and strengthens it in a ‘whole body' kind of way. Not only will it strengthen the big muscles, it will also strengthen the stabilizing muscles surrounding the major muscles. Yoga works to promote balance and symmetry in the body. An imbalance in muscle strength is sometimes an overlooked cause of painful conditions such as Sciaticaand lower back problems.

Yoga Benefit #3. Pain Prevention: As The Yoga Sutras so boldly states “Pain that has not yet happened is avoidable”. How you ask? Yoga of course! There are many reasons this is true, but to approach it just from a purely physical standpoint yoga stabilizes and stretches all the muscles of the body while supporting hormonal balance, glandular function and the work of the organs.

Yoga Benefit #4. Bigger Better Breathing: What could be more important than our breath? Without our breath we wouldn't last longer than a few short minutes. When we deepen our breath every cell in our body celebrates! Need I say more? It's free, it feels good and it will improve your life tremendously! Breathe!

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