5 Ways Kimi Werner's "Grocery Shop" is different than yours

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2256 Wanderlust O'ahu 2014 Speakeasy guest speaker, Kimi Werner, was recently featured in the Huffington Post, sharing the myriad ways in which she lives off the land in Hawaii.  While we're not normally prone to make sweeping generalizations, by and large, we think it's safe to presume that there are at least 5 ways in which Kimi Werner's food foraging habits differ from those of most of our readers. We'd love to hear if any of these traits do describe the ways you seek out and prepare food ~ let us know in the comments if you, in fact, do live off the land like Kimi!  Cover photo by Jake Marote; all other photos come from Kimi's Instagram feed.

2257 1. Kimi freedives and spear-fishes for her groceries. By spearfishing, Kimi saves a lot of money on food, but she doesn't do it for the economic benefits. "It's the feeling of resourcefulness," she says. "Its the feeling of sharing. Of being self-sufficient and content. It's so much fun." 

2. Kimi can hold her breath for 4 minutes and 45 seconds while she's "grocery shopping" (ie. catching fish). "Catching fish is only part of the process for me. The follow-through is just meaningful. Cleaning and cooking my catch gives me time to reflect on my dive, appreciate and honor my prey, all while nourishing the ones I love."

2258 3. Her CSA is loose affiliation of friends that shares their resources. "[It becomes easier to live off the land] when you share within your community, because on days where I don’t go fishing, I’ll get fish from some other friends, or I’ll get some chicken eggs or greens from their garden or fruit from their fruit trees. So I think that as long as you can share your resources, you can always get enough back where you don’t need to be hunting every day."

2259 4. She knows she's onto something good - not because it's on sale at the supermarket - but "because the bait scrambles from the predator and the stragglers try to hide underneath you!"  And if you think entering a Whole Foods at 6pm is scary, try swimming with a Great White next time you go looking for a snack.  (Check the video below at 2:22 to witness something far scarier than the Whole Foods parking lot).

5. She is not only the hunter-gatherer of the meal in question, but also the chef.  Check out her recpie for blackened Uku with Mango Salsa below.



Kimi Werner is not only a spear-fisher and chef, but an artist and a Patagonia Surf Ambassador.  Learn more about her, and check out her portfolio of paintings on her website kimiwernerart.com.


If you want to know more about living off the land, come check out Kimi's Speakeasy at Wanderlust O'ahu on Saturday, March 1 at Turtle Bay Resort!


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