365 Days of... Handstands!

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~ By Wanderlust Vermont teacher, Lauren Rudick                         

1423 I usually try not to make a big deal of my birthday. In the past, some birthdays were fraught with disappointment. I used to get sad because my expectations of the actions of others on this special day didn't pan out. A forgetful friend, a party with lower than hoped for attendance, not getting flowers from supposed crushes... Silly, but still emotional jabs that would make me feel badly on the big day. Somewhere in recent years, I stopped celebrating. Frankly, my birthday made me anxious

1425 As usual, when another year came around, I was filled with tension about where I was in life. I felt old. I felt that I should have accomplished more to this point. I felt almost ashamed to be single. I felt like many people often feel when they add one more candle to their birthday cake (let's not even get started with the angst that occurred the first time I had to fill out a form and check the next box down from 18-25) having not achieved specific life milestones or rites of passage.

1426 This year, on my birthday, I decided to make a change. I realized that my expectations and apprehensions about adding another number to my age were totally ridiculous. I realized that I am really young at heart. I paused to reflect on how much I have to be thankful for!  Besides, the people in my life whom I truly love and care for never forget my birthday, even when it's not listed on Facebook.

1427 On my birthday this year, I decided to bring on more joy and playfulness. Every day of my life should be a celebration of my free spirit. Each day should bring elation for living! So the day I turned 28, I took on a new endeavor: 365 days of handstands. Yup! Every day for the next year of my life I will handstand and snap a photo of it. I'm challenging myself to stay lighthearted for a whole year. I am forcing myself to remember that life is about being in the moment, about constantly finding new perspective. Life is about growth, about constantly reevaluating- and, of course, about enjoying the flip side.

1428 Want to join me in getting down with upside down this year? Take the challenge! A handstand a day for a whole year! I'll be posting my photos on Facebook, and Instagram, and you can too! Just follow #handstand365 for updates.

Use a wall for support or grab a friend! Handstand in the most unusual of places! Handstand when everything else in life seems to be upside down. #handstand365 ! I challenge you yogis!  Come out and play!



~ Guest Scribe Lauren Rudick is a yoga instructor, world traveler, jewelry maker and lover of puppies and food. She prefers to be where it is sunny, unless snowboarding. Lauren tie-dyes her own yoga pants and teaches colorful classes with humor and joy. You can join her follies at facebook.com/laurenrudickyoga more concisely on twitter @avignayoga, visually on instagram @laurenrudick or her website www.avignayoga.com, where you can hear about her upcoming retreats and bend/breathe/explore/vagabond alongside her.

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