3 Yoga Poses to Help You Settle Down After A Long Day via MindBodyGreen

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Have you had another long day at work? Not to worry, here are 3 yoga poses via MindBodyGreen's Michael Taylor to help you de-stress after a long day at the office. These yoga poses are beginner-friendly and you can even do them on your own at home.

Standing Forward Bend â€“ If you have tight shoulders or a tight back from sitting at a desk all day this is one of those great game-changing yoga poses. Stand with your feet parallel, hip width apart. Fold forward over your legs, allowing your back, arms, and neck to release toward the ground. This will release the muscles around the spine and neck, and the back of your legs.

Reclining Goddess Pose â€“ Reclining Goddess does a great job of opening the hips and that's calming as well. All you need to do is lie down flat on your back. Lift both knees up, bringing your feet right behind your hips. Let your knees fall open to either side, bringing the bottoms of your feet together. Pretty easy yoga pose, right?

Corpse Pose â€“ Since you're already on your back, just stay there for Corpse  Pose. But for this pose, you want your feet about mat width apart, with your arms straight, and your palms up. Corpse pose is a very relaxing pose that's also good for body awareness -- a perfect pose before bedtime or meditation.

We hope that these three yoga poses help you de-stress and hold you over until you can get away for some yoga, music, and sunshine at Wanderlust at The Standard, Miami!

MindBodyGreen.com is a great resource to help you live better, healthier, and greener. They promote making small steps or transformative changes towards better living and believe that wellness and yoga are for everyone -- and that both can be fun and fulfilling. Check 'em out. 

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