2010, A Record Year For Solar Power and Clean Energy

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In 2010, the world saw a serge in power…solar power that is. But not just solar power saw a rise, clean energy did as well. Lets look over 2010 in clean energy, sustainability, and climate change.

-President Obama launched 2010 with an announcement of $2.3 billion dollars in tax credits for companies building anything using (yes, anything) clean energy technology.

-A New Jersey-based company called Ocean Power Technologies began building a wave-power farm, using giant plungers that rise and fall with the waves. Using 10 of these generators will power approximately 400 homes.

-America's first offshore wind farm is now not something just of the future, but something of the NOW. The Cape Wind Project got federal approval on May 17.

-July saw the opening of the La Florida plant in Spain which now overtakes the US (and the world) as the largest producer of solar energy.

-Around Earth Day, the Earth saw a dreadful disaster which was an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig spilling oil all over the Gulf of Mexico. Finally on September 19th it was declared "dead".

-California's climate bill (A.B 32) survives.

-Oh yes, and our beloved Squaw Valley is receiving a $50 million dollar upgrade :)

So my fellow citizens, how can we keep this streak going?!

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