Cameron Shayne

Cameron Shayne

Guru Killer, Primate Provocateur, Literary Warrior & Yoga Liberator.

Cameron Shayne is a writer, innovator, painter, visual, performance artist, and movement pioneer. He is a long time student of Yoga, Martial Arts, dance, Zen meditation and religious studies. He is the founder and director of the Budokon Martial, Yoga, Living Arts University. His students include world champion athletes such as Kerri Walsh, as well as actors and performers Courteney Cox, Jennifer Anniston, Meg Ryan and Renee Russo. He was Chris Tuckers’s fight scene choreographer for Jackie Chan’s blockbuster Rush Hour 1 & 2 . He was the personal bodyguard of Charlie Sheen, and Slash of Guns and Roses. He is the founder and creator of Budokon, with black belts in both Japanese and Korean systems, a brown belt in Gracie Jiujitsu, and a direct student of the legendary BJJ Master, Rickson Gracie. He is a headliner for yoga conferences around the world, including, Germany, Tokyo, Korea, Indonesia, Wanderlust Festivals in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, and Yoga Journal Conference. He has produced 5 award winning home practice DVD’s, and his latest yoga series can be found on My Yoga Online.


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