Bashi Saunders

Bashi Saunders

I am a native of New York raised in South Florida. A dancer from the age of 3 who minored in dance with a B.S in Marketing from Troy University in Alabama. I discovered yoga 12 years ago when I was expecting my first child and felt an instant connection. Attracted to yoga's grace and intrigued by yoga's peace. My journey led me to intentionally commit to my practice 5 years ago. I believe our paths are already designed and we just have to be open to receive. My practice brings me simple relaxation in the purest form. I teach from an Ashtanga Vinyasa foundation. I also teach Power Flow, Yoga Flow and Vinyasa. I am honored to have the opportunity to share yoga with students in Detroit's inner city inspired by Lululemon's Ambassador workshops.

I believe yoga has gifted me stronger relationships. As well as a healthier body inside and out. Our breath that flows throughout our body on and off our mat is full of possibilities and each posture is pack loaded with internal and external benefits. Yoga is truly an amazing practice that I am eager to invite all to taste. I hope to practice next to you, breathe with you or guide you soon. I am honored to share my practice and my journey. Namaste

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